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Antiquities Transformed Series

Image #9

Since 1983 I have been interested in how images work together. In my book, Journey Through Seven Circles, I presented 35 images in seven metaphoric sequences. Since then I have been working with the idea of layering one image over another One image is superimposed directly onto the next in the camera, intentionally yet intuitively. This results in the destruction of a traditional form and the production of a new fluid reality. The subject is projected into a space of its own. Time past and time present are blended into organic movement that produces a continual inward and outward flow. All is in constant motion. Change is the only given.

These images are from a body of work on ancient ruins found in Greece and Turkey. All but a few are multiple exposure. They are about spirit. By showing the subject in the context of its' own metamorphoses the photographs address the mystery, poetry and fantastic presence of the sacred in the world.

[There are 22 limited edition images in this portfolio. Images size is 15"x15", overmatted to 23"x26".]

- Elena Sheehan


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