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2000 - 2001

Image #12

When I moved back to San Francisco in 1999, I gave up my darkroom. For many years, I had been feeling uneasy about throwing chemicals into our waters. Since I felt this way, the loss of the darkroom became less poignant.

Change is always good if one can grow from it. I took up the digital camera and the digital darkroom and began working with Photoshop™. I was amazed that I really enjoyed the process. One can make images in many ways. I was still photographing subject matter that evoked a response from me. Fish are elusive as they constantly move. They are beautiful in color and context, but since they are in constant motion, it is difficult to capture their absolute likeness. Actually, I was not interested in capturing their absolute likeness. I did not photograph with flash. Instead, I went with the flow of their motion. I was happy to record the shapes and forms that they produced as they swam across my field of view. These were then transformed as they were captured by the slow shutter speed of the camera. Once again, my subject matter reflected my ongoing interest in the fleeting and transient nature of reality.

[Printed in limited and numbered editions]

- Elena Sheehan


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