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Aegean Textures

Image #9

When I was Artist in Resident at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, I made a small hand-made book in which I related the stones and rocks in nature to their use in the various structures on the Island of Skopelos. This investigation of that relationship caused me to once again observe closely small details. Out of this close observation of the intimate detail, I became fascinated with the "designs" of the rocks. I saw there, relationships of colors and forms that evoked magical landscapes and mythological figures. Again, I was looking at reality in a way that was not preconceived and I was able to see and feel the mystery that was around me. These images are printed with permanent pigment inks on canvas and stretched (18" x 24") to enrich the sense of texture, beauty and mystery of the small detail.

One of a Kind images. No Editions.

- Elena Sheehan


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