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Multiple Exposure Series

"City in the Sea"

In photography time is used to present a reality. But this reality is not presented as the mind ordinarily perceives it. Time seems to stop so that the mind can examine more closely something that it thinks it has seen. But actually, since time is frozen into a still and unique image, a new reality is created. This blending and layering of time and space is what interests me about photography.

For the past several years I have been more and more interested in how images work together. I explored this interest in my book, Journey Through Seven Circles, by arranging the images into meaningful time sequences. I have also worked with photographic collage. More recently, I have put images together by layering one on top of the other directly onto a single negative. This use of multiple exposure to create a unique image is not a new process. In the 1920's Man Ray, Moholy-Nagy, Serge Eisenstein and many of the Cubists painters created new and poetic images by incorporating ideas of layering and the use of montage.

I photograph in spaces that somehow evoke a response from me. In these spaces I feel free to transform the visual reality of the everyday world into images that evoke the dreamlike world of the unconscious. There is no single interpretation for these images. Every viewer will bring their own imagination and experience to play in viewing the work.

[35 images total]

- Elena Sheehan


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