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Image #13

My mother died at the end of 2003. It had been a hard several years for her and for me. The time was both emotionally and physically exhausting for both of us. Due to this emotional drain I was not able to work on a sustained project so just occasionally went out to photograph. I was drawn to the outdoors, to the natural environment and most of all to places where water had a healing effect on me.

In 2004 I went back to the serious and enjoyable work of looking specifically at something till it revealed it’s self to me. I was drawn again to water because of its natural beauty, calming aspects but even more so because of its constantly changing nature.

Water is a transitory element. It is always in motion. It has an endless flow, depth, movement and brake up of form. It is formless and thus is the ultimate metaphor for the constant change that is life.

This is an ongoing project.

- Elena Sheehan


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